Von Diez's testimony about Ali Bey's Bible

These words were recorded by Robert Pinkerton in 1814, quoting Baron Hans Friedrich von Diez's evaluation of Ali Bey's manuscript as he was editing it for publication . Von Diez was a prominent Orientalist scholar of his era and had been Prussian ambassador to the Ottoman Empire : 

"If I find, in the progress of the work, Ali Bey’s version as correct as hitherto, I do not say too much when I assert that it will rank among the very best versions of the sacred volume; and in many passages even excel them. His style is truly classical. Indeed, should the Turkish language ever be lost, it might be restored from this work in all its copiousness and ease. Having made the Turkish language for thirty years my constant study, and considered it almost a second mother tongue, it is really a treat to me to sit down in order to hear the Word of God speaking to me in this language." 

--quoted from The Christian Observer, vol. 32, p. 255 (London: J. Hatchard & Son, 1832)

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