Languages cited in the pop-up notes

When you click on an underlined word in the transcription text,

a pop-up note appears. The lexical notes include root words and abbreviations for the source languages


Akad. Akkadian (Assyrian, Babylonian)
Alm. German
Ar. Arabic
Aram. Aramaic 
E.Tü. Old Turkish (Öztürkçe)
E.Yun. Classical or Koiné Greek
Fa. Farsi
Fra. French
İbr. Hebrew
İng. English
İta. Italian
K.Tü. Kıpçak 
Kz.Tü. Kazakh
Lat. Latin
Moğ. Mongolian
Osm. Ottoman Turkish (Osmanlıca)
Rum. Ottoman Greek (Rumca)
Skt. Sanskrit (India)
Soğ. Sogdian (an early language of Central Asia)
Tü./Y.Tü. Modern Turkish (Yeni Tü.)
T.Tü. Tatar
U.Tü. Uyghur
Yun. Greek


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